• Lens Savers® Windows Block Spatter

    Spatter continuously hammers the fragile focusing lenses of CO2 laser cutting and welding systems. Lens Saver® windows provide a protective barrier that blocks spatter from ruining expensive focusing lenses. Lens Savers® protective windows are made from an optical material that absorbs very little energy at 10.6 microns, the wavelength at which CO2 lasers operate. Therefore, the CO2 laser beam passes freely through the Lens Savers® window to the cutting or welding target. Hundreds of savvy CO2 laser shops have discovered that, with Lens Savers® windows, they can save 40% to 60% on total optics costs – thousands of dollars per year – on each laser system by protecting their focusing lenses from spatter.

  • A Culture of Customer Satisfaction

    International Crystal Laboratories cut its teeth as an optics and accessories supplier in the laboratory instrument field where they are well known for superb products and timely deliveries. ICL has been voted vendor of the year by Perkin-Elmer, in recognition of ICL’s timely deliveries and rigorous quality control. All phases of ICL’s optics production are under one roof, allowing it to maintain the highest quality standards while also assuring customers of same day deliveries at reasonable prices. That same devotion to quality and customer service has been the standard ICL has set for performance of the Lens Savers Division.

  • Same Day Delivery

    ICL’s Lens Savers® Division can deliver Lens Savers® protective windows to customers within hours after the customer’s order is placed. ICL’s customer service staff is keenly aware that customers cannot hold up production to wait for delivery of optics.