Lens Mount Adapter for Amada 3015 AJ Fiber Laser with 220mm (10″) FL

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Item #0026-9171

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Lens Savers® adapters for 220mm focal length heads for Amada Fiber Laser systems.


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Price: $599.00
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Lens Savers® adapters for 220mm, 190mm and 150mm focal length heads are available for Amada Fiber Laser systems. The function of the adapter is twofold. It creates a small cavity between the focusing lens and the Lens Savers® window into which high-pressure assist gas will flow. As a result of the high pressure assist gas flowing into the cavity between the focusing lens and the Lens Savers® window, there will be high pressure on both surfaces of the Lens Savers® window, which has the effect of creating an environment of the Lens Savers® window where there is no positive pressure on either side of the window. Creating this pressure neutral environment prevents the Lens Savers® window from breaking under the pressure of the assist gas. Second, the adapter is designed to circulate the assist gas to prevent overheating the optics. Excessive heat will alter the focal length of the focusing lens.