Lens Savers® windows must be handled only while wearing finger cots or gloves made from latex or nitrile. When the windows remain in the bags in which they are shipped, care should be taken to pick the bags up only from the edges. Do not put fingers on the face of the crystal, even though you are wearing gloves and even though the crystal is still in the bag. To avoid fogging or etching the window, let it stand unopened (inside of the sealed bag that it comes in) at room temperature until the contents are at room temperature. This will eliminate temperature gradients when the optics are opened as they will be at the ambient temperature.

Cleaning Lens Savers® windows is quite simple. Just use a piece of soft cloth like stretch nylon with heptane. Apply some heptane to the optic using the nylon. Heptane is used because it has a low water content. Heptane can be obtained from Sigma at 1-800-325-3010, Part No. 15,487-3, for about $25.00 per liter. NEVER USE ACETONE OR ALCOHOL, which contain water and will fog or etch the windows. Keep dust and loose dirt off the optics by using an old fashioned bulb type water enema which will blow the dust off. You can also use heptane and the enema bulb technique on your focusing lens. Whenever possible, you should blow dust off the lens and off of Lens Savers® windows rather than touching them to clean them.

While you are operating the laser the dry assist gas will protect the Lens Savers® from moisture, so the moisture problem need only be addressed when the equipment is down. Lens Savers® can be stored in a desiccator when not in use to prolong the life of the window and to protect the window from atmospheric moisture. Desiccators are readily available and ICL also sells them as an accommodation. The ICL Part No. is 0009-4157 and price is $450.00. A desiccator is also good for storing your focusing lenses, and if you order one that is large enough you can put the entire cutting head in it without removing the optics. More simply, you can put the optics back in the original container and use the desiccant that we supply with the optic to keep them dry. We normally mount Lens Savers® in a holder that can be easily separated from the lens mount, and if you are using the same concept you can put the entire holder in the desiccator without removing the window. A simple alternative is to put desiccant inside of a plastic bag and tie the bag around the head. Whether you will expend the effort to remove the optic at the end of a shift becomes a question of labor cost vs window cost.