Lens Mounts for CO2 Laser Systems

If you are using assist gas pressures in excess of 25 psig, you will need a special lens mount or adapter, or a modification of your lens mount, to deal with the high pressures. ICL will assist you in selecting one of its patent pending high pressure adapters or lens mounts or in modifying your lens mount or designing one specifically for your system. The patent pending ICL lens mounts, adapters and mounting method allow the assist gas pressure to flow both in front of and behind the Lens Savers® window. This configuration allows the pressure to equalize on both sides of the Lens Saver® window. Thus, the Lens Savers® window operates in a neutral pressure environment while the ZnSe lens absorbs the full pressure. If you require further information on operating under high pressure or on custom lens mounts or lens mount modifications, contact ICL customer service for assistance.

ICL’s patent pending Lens Savers® window holders and adapters are available as stock items for most lens mounts designed for 1.1″ diameter lens such as the mounts sold by II-VI, Coherent, Laser Lab and Laser Power Optics. These 1.1″ lens mounts were used in Laser Lab SL 2000 and Amada LC667 systems, among other laser cutting systems. ICL also has patent pending designs that will allow the use of Lens Savers® with 1.5″ and 2.0″ diameter lens used in all Amada, Bystronic, Cincinnati, Laser Cut, Laser Lab, Mazak, Stripit, Trumpf and Mitsubishi systems. These lens mounts are described in detail in this catalog.

New designs are always under development, so please call for current availability. In addition, we will custom design a mount for any laser if we can obtain the requisite information to fit the redesigned part into the system. If you don’t see what you need, ask us and we will design it for you at the same price we charge for a stock lens mount. For low pressure applications such as laser marking, we have stock mounts or adapters for most Synrad systems and for the Universal ULS 25E and we can also design a mount for your application.

Custom Lens Mounts and Adapters

ICL routinely makes lens mounts and adpaters for customers systems. In many cases, we can make an adapter or lens mount for a price that will not exceed the $499.00 that we charge for standard lens mounts. Some of these custom mounts become standard parts, but there are many mounts that we have already designed which are beyond the scope of this catalog because they do not apply to systems which are of broad interest. If you need a custom lens mount, please do not hesitate to call us. We can usually design and fabricate a custom lens mount within 4 to 6 weeks.